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1. Solid Hardwood Library 'with Bells and Whistles'

Custom cherry library cabinetsSolid cherry library with rolling ladderCabinetry with artistic detailsSolid hardwood cabinetry - thoughtful storage

Designed and custom built for a family with a spacious log home in the mountains, this solid, black cherry library occupies one wall of the great room and stands at 11 feet high by 11 feet wide. State-of-the-art dimmable LED lighting illuminates the shelving and CD storage drawers. One of the many special features is an invisible strip light under the countertop that switches on when a drawer is opened. This unique, majestic library anchors and completes the room organically without overpowering it.


Wood Choices


2. An Artistic and Welcoming Reception Desk

When the Catskill Art Society moved into a new building, they wanted a special reception desk to stand opposite the main entrance – welcoming, warm, and conveying the gentle, rustic character of the community. A pairing of local white oak framework with spalted maple panels forms a "window" into the arts center. Folding glass panels allow for office privacy while maintaining visual access to the main hall. Cabinets and drawers behind the desk create an abundance of storage and are convenient to office staff. A second countertop level hides clutter from the gallery and offers a place to serve refreshments during art openings.


Wood Choices


3. Built-in Breakfast Nook

Architect designed, custom built with care. I tip my hat to the architect, Alan Hartell, who also designed this hallway nook across from the kitchen. Built entirely of solid ash.


Wood Choices


4. Custom Closet - Maximum Storage

Custom closet and built-in deskBuilt-in desk features cubby shelves based on the closet's Shoji screensFour large drawers for clothes are built of solid maple.

A great-looking retrofit. The closet was bare and had a lot of wasted space, but not anymore. Two hanging rods on the right for clothes, four drawers and three shelves on the left. (There's even another shelf over the hanging rods, accessed from the left side.) The desk and cubby shelves make use of a dead space between closet and window. I was impressed how well my design looked with the existing Shoji screen.


Wood Choices


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