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The design process is fundamental to our custom work. Collaborating with the client and taking the furniture's setting into consideration, Rick Pereira creates a piece to satisfy needs and aesthetics and then builds it to last.

Initial sketches are turned into a three-dimensional computer model of the piece (and its architectural setting, if necessary) to help visualize the final product.

All raw materials are obtained from local mills, using local lumber. Our furniture is built entirely of hardwood. Cabinetry is built with a minimum of plywood inside hardwood face frames, doors, drawers and countertops. Rick lays out the lumber before building, using wood grain and color as design elements, making them more or less pronounced according to the aesthetic need. Paints and finishes are applied to accentuate the quality of the wood, rather than hiding it: the open pores of ash become a subtle texture in a painted surface; cherry and birch glow with the warmth of a rubbed oil finish - impossible to mistake for mass produced.

Building furniture that is beautiful, with materials and techniques to make it last a long time, is ecologically sound. In the workshop, leftover pieces are reused to make our gift items like cutting boards, turned candlesticks, and ornaments. Our sawdust is composted to feed more trees.

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